We Combine Beauty, Elegancy and Uniqueness in Creating New Innovations. Meirive is The Perfect Choice for High Quality of Indonesia Furniture Product & Design

Starting from the needs of beauty, elegance and uniqueness that people today want for their living, and the desire for new innovations to fulfill their satisfaction of perfect living, Meirive has the passion to give the society a new innovations of Furniture and Home Needs for houses, offices, apartments, restaurants, stalls, etc. Meirive has the passion to combine the “Needs” and “Wants” of the society in Furnitures that shows the values of arts, that prioritizes elements of Uniqueness, Elegancy and Fun without neglecting the main function of Furniture.

As one of the leading furniture manufacturer, Meirive has become a leader in Indonesia Furniture & Design, We will provide you with passionate service to fulfill any requirement and needs to achieve customers satisfaction. Our managerial expertise, highly skill workmanship and creativity of our people will deliver a multi beneficial business relationship as well as high quality product.



MEIRIVE as the qualified Indonesia furniture manufacturer, humbly hope that our team with good capabilities and good quality of product will give you the benefit of your business, as we are going to achieve it within our heart. We will assure that you are in right decision by choosing us, an excellent choice, and we will be very proud and happy to be part of your prime choice